The Hard Hedz ( THH )

Unique Digital Art Collectibles

The Hard Hedz ( THH ) Our core team consists of skilled and dedicated Artists, Musicians, and Marketers. We are confident of achieving our goals and are ready to introduce to the world our NFT projects. The Hip-Hop NFT Collection, which is our first project is just the tip of the iceberg as it is the catalyst for future projects that we have already begun developing.

This first NFT collection is created for: people who love hip-hop; artists who want to gain exposure for their skills; recording artists who want to use their skills to win recording equipment; and NFT investors looking for a project that will have longevity and increase in value. The Hard Hedz (Hip-Hop) NFT collection is also the gateway to the Hard Hedz’s next NFT Project and Social Membership


Futures Projects

Future Plans and Projects may come sooner than you think. Stay In-touch.

Social Community

A (Family) of (THH) holders building a community where members can share ideas,

Professional Talents

The Hard Hedz is a group of multi-talented professionals spanning several generations.

Social Engagement

Join our Twitter, Discord, IG along with other HH building strong relationships.


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